Reading for Results: Additional Material

Long experience tells me that no one single reading text ever has quite enough exercises. For that reason, I have included on this web site additional exercises and activities that can be used to follow up on the skills and concepts introduced in Reading for Results.

The latest edition of Reading for Results has a different table of contents, but all of the skills taught here are also part of the newest edition.

Instructors looking for more basic or more advanced materials should also check the exercises for Reading Keys (basic) and Reading for Thinking (advanced) available on this web site.

Laraine Flemming

Strategies for Mastering Your Textbooks

Questionnaire 1: Textbook Clues to Meaning
Questionnaire 2: Strategies for Reading
Questionnaire 3: Improving Concentration

Word Power

Quiz 1: Using Context Clues
Quiz 2: Using Word Parts
Quiz 3: Vocabulary Test for Chapters 3 and 4
Quiz 4: Vocabulary Test for Chapter 4
Quiz 5: Vocabulary Test for Chapter 5
Quiz 6: Vocabulary Test for Chapter 6

Relating the General to the Specific
in Reading and Writing

Quiz 1: Creating General Categories
Quiz 2: General and Specific Sentences
Quiz 3: Getting Specific

Discovering Topics, Main Ideas,
and Topic Sentences

Quiz 1: Identifying Topics
Quiz 2: Topics, Topic Sentences, and Paraphrasing
Quiz 3: Paraphrasing the Topic Sentence

Inferences and Main Ideas

Quiz 1: Selecting the Better Inference
Quiz 2: Creating the Appropriate Inference
Quiz 3: Drawing Inferences

The Function of Supporting Details

Quiz: Spotting Irrelevant Details

Beyond the Paragraph: Reading
Longer Selections

Quiz 1: Identifying the Main Idea
Quiz 2: Recognizing Thesis Statements

Recognizing Patterns of Organization
in Paragraphs

Quiz 1: Predicting Patterns
Quiz 2: Sentence Relationships I
Quiz 3: Sentence Relationships II
Quiz 4: Looking for Patterns

Combining Patterns in Paragraphs
and Longer Readings

Quiz 1: Recognizing Patterns
Quiz 2: Patterns and Thesis Statements

Purpose, Tone, and Bias

Quiz 1: Blending Fact and Opinion
Quiz 2: Recognizing Tone and Purpose
Quiz 3: Looking for Errors in Arguments
Writing Exercise: Expressing Opinions

Reading Pie Charts and Graphs

Quiz 1: Understanding Charts, Graphs, and Tables
Quiz 2: Reading Pie Charts

Jordan Fabish's eloquent essay on reading aloud in the class room

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