Patterns and Thesis Statements

Directions: After each thesis statement, identify the pattern or patterns you think could be used to develop the thesis statement into an essay or research paper.

1. Because of the Industrial Revolution, the notion of the family took on an entirely new cultural meaning.

2. In different eras, love has had very different definitions.

3. To this day, the effects of Ottoman* rule in the Balkans are still being felt in that war-torn area.

4. The eight-hour day was a hard-won victory for the early-American labor movement.

5. Although their names are often linked together, Emerson and Thoreau viewed nature from very different perspectives.

6. The idea of the "Good-Enough Mother" is central to the thinking of Donald Winicott, a follower of Freud who specialized in the mental development of children.

7. The ancient Greek historians Herodotus and Thucydides were both clear-eyed observers, but this is where the resemblance ends.

8. In the twentieth century, genetic engineering has become a reality that arouses both astonishment and fear.

9. To many music critics, composer Arnold Schoenberg’s use of atonality* was the biggest musical breakthrough of the twentieth century.

10. The process of natural selection is central to Darwin’s theory of evolution.

*The Ottoman, or Turkish, empire was founded by Osman I in the 13th century and ruled by his descendants until the end of World War I.
*Atonality refers to the lack of harmony or melody.

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