Quiz: Using Word Parts

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Use one of the following word parts to fill in the blank left in each sentence.

  corp = body cred = belief dis = without, apart
  re = again, back temp = time viv, vit = life


She was openly in____ulous at her sister's stories about UFOs and alien abductions.


A supporter of animal rights, the supermodel ____avowed her connection to the designer who decorated his fall creations with fur.


The hope is that the new arena will ____  ____alize the community.


High-calorie, high-fat fast foods are being blamed for the sharp increase in the number of Americans who are ____ulent.


Hip-hugger jeans were popular in the 1960s, but they have once again become a con____orary fashion.


People who are outgoing and ____acious are usually popular party guests.


He did not approve of ____oral punishment, so he never spanked his son.


Our neighbors are con____ial people who socialize with their friends every chance they get.


Among his con____oraries, the writer was widely respected, but the generations that followed did not share the same enthusiasm for his work.


A ____ible website will always provide the author's name and the sources of the information given.

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