Topic Exercises: Answer Key

Exercise 1


Exercise 2

1. The passage keeps returning to the subject of the film; it does not repeatedly return to Griffith’s life or even to his work on the film. By the middle of the paragraph, the author is more concerned with the consequences of the film’s racism than with the man who made it.

2. "The Klan’s use of public relations" is a good choice because it can be used to sum up the various methods employed by the Klan to improve its image. Choosing the "Southern Publicity Association" would not be a good choice because that topic does not include the other public relations techniques the Klan used.

Exercise 3

(Answers can vary)

1. "The effect of televised violence on young people"; also "The effect of televised violence in current research."

2. "Dr. Benjamin Rush’s dangerous prescriptions"; also "Dr. Benjamin Rush’s quack treatments."

Exercise 4

(Answers can vary)

1. "Ancient Greek words for love"; also "Love and the ancient Greeks."

2. "The riches of the rain forest"; also "Research in the rain forest."

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