Key Concepts in Reading Comprehension

Definitions and Pointers

As the terms currently defined should indicate, I'm hoping to do two things:
  1. Provide clear and detailed definitions for each term on the list.
  2. Offer tips or pointers for making use of these terms while reading.
While all of the definitions and many of the pointers can be found in my textbooks, I think it useful to gather definitions and pointers in one place.

Please note: Not all of the terms are accompanied by practice exercises.
Main ideas
Topis sentences
Difference between topic sentence and main idea
Drawing inferences
New: Drawing inferences in fiction
Drawing conclusions
Introductory sentences

Power Points

Key Concept Power Points are available for all three books in my reading series. The Power Point files cover the terms shown below. Instructors using my texts can receive the power points by contacting me personally or by getting in touch with their Cengage representatives.
Context clues
General and specific terms
Topic and main idea
Topic sentence
Supporting details
Patterns of organization
Fact and opinion

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