Reading for Results - Vocabulary Practice
Borrowed Words or Phrases from French

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Directions: Fill in the blank in each sentence by first clicking a word or phrase in the list on the left and then clicking the blank in the sentence where it belongs. Use the same steps to change the word or phrase in a sentence. Be aware that each word or phrase has to be used exactly once.

Note: Go to the definitions if you are not sure what a particular word or phrase means.

Words/Phrases Sentences

1. I have such a feeling of ; it is as if all this has happened to me before.

2. Even after almost a century, Vienna (the capital of Austria) still has a certain charm.

3. Since his wife’s death, that child is his only .

4. George Eliot was the of Mary Ann Evans, the famous English novelist.

5. is the motto of my very proper and very aristocratic uncle.

6. An aspiring young artist, she arrived in New York hoping for an into the most talked-about circles.

7. His original belief in the importance of regular exercise has become an ; even if he is tired or ill, he always spends at least two hours working out.

8. I don’t like her jokes. They always contain some sly, little .

9. When I offered you the use of my home, I did not give you to invite people every night.

10. the Calvinist tradition in America, Ralph Waldo Emerson was clearly a rebel.

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