Reading for Results - Vocabulary Practice
Borrowed Phrases from Latin

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Directions: Fill in the blank in each sentence by first clicking a phrase in the list on the left and then clicking the blank in the sentence where it belongs. Use the same steps to change the phrase in a sentence. Be aware that each phrase has to be used exactly once.

Note: Go to the definitions if you are not sure what a particular phrase means.

Phrases Sentences

1. The evidence suggests that the defendant is guilty, but we won’t know for sure until we can look more closely at all the facts.

2. They decided to form an committee to elect a president.

3. I am so bored after two hours; it feels as if this lecture could go on .

4. I don’t understand how that follows; what you say is a complete to me.

5. We want a straightforward agreement; we will accept a cut in wages if management will increase our benefits.

6. I could not sell my mother's bureau at the antique show because I'm not a dealer.

7. His generalization that victims of oppression could never themselves oppress others did not survive the test of time.

8. For years schools tried to act , but at the present time they have just about given up; they could not give the same level of care provided in the home.

9. If that’s what an individual membership costs, what will it cost if we enroll the group ?

10. It's easy to argue that it was a mistake to buy a used car, but nobody knew it at the time.

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