Words Matter - Chapter 8
Exercise 2

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Directions: Each of the sentences below contains a blank to be filled in with some form of a word from Chapter 8. Below each sentence, there are three choices for filling in the blank. Click the choice you think is the correct one and read the sentence with the blank filled in. If you are not satisfied, select another choice; you may do this as often as you wish.

When you are satisfied that all your answers are correct, click the "Submit" button at the end of the exercise. You cannot resubmit the exercise after that point.

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Words on Wit and Humor


In order to put the audience at ease from the start, the organizer introduced the famous author in a tone.


"To be social is to be forgiving" is by poet Robert Frost.


The somber occasion did not call for the with which the reporter described the event.


The hiker gave a rather account of his ordeal that made listeners laugh despite themselves.


Witty looks so easy on TV, but is really difficult to pull off in real life.


After living in the country for almost a year, he still peppers his English with .


Charles Schulz, the creator of the Charlie Brown cartoon, once remarked: "I love mankind—it's people I can't stand."


Time and time again, have gotten into trouble with the authorities they ridiculed.


My children love to watch the of others and to engage in it themselves.


Jim Carrey's comedy has won him many fans.

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