Words Matter - Chapter 6
Exercise 2

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Directions: Each of the sentences below contains a blank to be filled in with some form of a word from Chapter 6. Below each sentence, there are three choices for filling in the blank. Click the choice you think is the correct one and read the sentence with the blank filled in. If you are not satisfied, select another choice; you may do this as often as you wish.

When you are satisfied that all your answers are correct, click the "Submit" button at the end of the exercise. You cannot resubmit the exercise after that point.

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High and Low


When the talk show host talked about the "Joe Six-packs out there," he was accused of .


When the wounded soldier returned from active duty, she received a reception in her home town.


As I'm going from interview to interview without receiving any job offers, I'm getting more and more .


Becoming president surely is the of any politician's life.


When my friend and I decided to buy and renovate a house, we didn't know that the demands on our time would be so .


When it comes to human rights, the record of some countries is still .


Losing more than 2/3 of its games marked a in the team's history.


As a conscientious supervisor, he tried to avoid any hint of when he dealt with the people he was in charge of.


After graduating from college, I would find it really if I had to ask my parents for money.


I'm surprised to learn that in the of the Great Depression, people actually wanted to see cheerful, upbeat movies.

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