Words Matter - Chapter 6
Exercise 1

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Directions: Below are the ten words from Chapter 6. Each of the ten words is accompanied by three sentences that use a form of the word. Only one of these sentences uses the word correctly, the other two use it incorrectly. Read all three sentences. Then click the button to the left of the sentence that uses the word correctly.

You may change your answers as you see fit. When you are satisfied that all answers are correct, click the "Submit" button at the end of the exercise. You cannot resubmit the exercise after that point.

If a word in a sentence is marked by *, the word is introduced in Words Matter.

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High and Low



The sun always reaches its zenith around noon each day.

I was so offended by my brother's remarks that no zenith of his could console me.

Three flops in a row marked the zenith of the actor's career.



I was so rapturous when I came home from my long walk that I devoured a whole pie all by myself and was still not full.

The critics rapturous review of the movie did not save it from being a financial flop.

The Great Train Robbery is a book—and a film based on the book—describing the rapture of a huge sum of money from a moving train in 19th century England.



In cartoons depicting pets, cats typically treat dogs with condescension and ridicule.

Your condescending remarks at the funeral were a great comfort to my family.

According to the Bible, all humans condescend from Adam and Eve.



The candidate continues to get bad press because of the imperious manner he assumes with journalists.

When my best friend got fired, I was so imperious I quit myself.

He endears himself to people who interview him with his imperious sense of humor.



Halley's Comet becomes exorbitant every 75 to 76 years.

The royal families of Scandinavian countries are known for their exorbitant lifestyle that differs little from that of common people.

To me, three dollars is an exorbitant price for a cup of coffee, especially if one gets no refills.



The sun reaches its nadir around noon each day.

The mountain's nadir can be reached after a strenuous hike of about three hours.

I think this is the nadir of my career: I have nowhere to go but up.



I've been in the doldrums now for a month and need a vacation to recover my spirits.

Heist movies typically concentrate on the doldrums a gang of thieves goes through to rob a bank or steal a priceless work of art.

Through the centuries, painters have depicted the doldrums of flowers in radiant colors.



Alcohol degrades very rapidly when it is exposed to air.

After I learned how to manage my time, my degradations improved rapidly at college.

My clever boss always tries to degrade work to others and then take credit for it.



Ivan the Terrible was a despondent who ruled Russia with a cruelty that was excessive even for his time.

Parents are given tax credits for each despondent child they have.

I've finally found the right partner, and that ended a long period of despondency for me.



The abysmal success of the Lord of the Rings movies can be credited to more than special effects—the writing, directing, and acting are also quite good.

General Ulysses S. Grant won the Civil War for the North, but in the opinion of many historians, he was an abysmal failure as president.

At the abyss of his career, the actor commanded 20 million dollars per movie.

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