Words Matter - Chapter 19
Exercise 2

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Directions: Each of the sentences below contains a blank to be filled in with some form of a word from Chapter 19. Below each sentence, there are three choices for filling in the blank. Click the choice you think is the correct one and read the sentence with the blank filled in. If you are not satisfied, select another choice; you may do this as often as you wish.

When you are satisfied that all your answers are correct, click the "Submit" button at the end of the exercise. You cannot resubmit the exercise after that point.

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Moral and Immoral


Americans expect their president to be a person of .


After her "wardrobe malfunction" during the 2004 SuperBowl show, Janet Jackson remained and never apologized.


When we say that someone "lives like a monk," we mean to say that he leads a rather life.


In the opera Don Giovanni, the hero is severely punished for his and ends up in hell.


Benny is too to fake an injury after an accident in which he did not get hurt at all.


Because Sandra openly admits her own shortcomings, she never sounds when she lectures people.


Some famous works of art were once considered too for public display.


After several witnesses had testified, nobody doubted any more the of the report.


Hannibal Lecter, a villain in several recent movies, is so that he regularly eats parts of his victims.


Tom feels that his own upbringing was too and wants to give his kids more leeway.

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