Words Matter - Chapter 13
Exercise 2

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Directions: Each of the sentences below contains a blank to be filled in with some form of a word from Chapter 13. Below each sentence, there are three choices for filling in the blank. Click the choice you think is the correct one and read the sentence with the blank filled in. If you are not satisfied, select another choice; you may do this as often as you wish.

When you are satisfied that all your answers are correct, click the "Submit" button at the end of the exercise. You cannot resubmit the exercise after that point.

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More Character Comments


Their date did not go well because she found his conversation rather .


If you want to work with me, you have to keep your temper under control.


Little children are often in the presence of dogs.


Workers handling contagious substances must be absolutely in their work habits.


The star behaved so on the set that the director refused to work with him again.


My cousin is not happy unless he has something to complain about.


Politicians try to avoid issues during an election campaign.


I feel my husband is much too about the upcoming review—I think his job is on the line.


On his expedition to reach the South Pole, explorer Robert Scott lost his life because he was too to abandon his quest while there.


Susan is the opposite of her gloomy brother Gus.

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