Words Count - Chapter 8
Exercise 1

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Directions: Below are the ten words from Chapter 8. Each of the ten words is accompanied by three sentences that use a form of the word. Only one of these sentences uses the word correctly, the other two use it incorrectly. Read all three sentences. Then click the button to the left of the sentence that uses the word correctly.

You may change your answers as you see fit. When you are satisfied that all answers are correct, click the "Submit" button at the end of the exercise. You cannot resubmit the exercise after that point.

If a word in a sentence is marked by *, the word is introduced in Words Count.

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More Timely Words



The guest on the talk show was too passé to laugh at the silly jokes the host was making.

In fashion, it seems everything comes around: things that have been passé for a decade are likely to come back in the next.

In order to stay passé, it seems one has to change one's wardrobe every year.



Millennium is just another word for New Year's Day.

A millennium lasts approximately a hundred years, give and take a few.

Experts do not entirely agree when one millennium ends and when another one begins because that depends very much on when you start counting.



My promotion is no longer impending because it should happen any day now.

The impending storm forced all boats to seek a safe harbor as soon as possible.

The difficulties she had with pronunciation were seriously impending her progress with learning Chinese.



If it's circa, it's exact.

I'm not sure when this picture was taken, but it must have been circa three years ago.

The best way to turn around would be to drive circa City Hall.



People go to video arcades to play archaic games.

The house already looked archaic because the owners had not done anything for its upkeep.

In promoting its products, the company developed an archaic look meant to appeal to the young and hip.



During commencement diplomas are not handed out all at once, but sequentially by college.

Sequential events happen in no particular order.

Sequential killers are so feared because they may commit a new murder every day they are not caught.



My best friend and I are exact contemporaries: we were both born on the same day sixteen years ago.

A contemporary home looks as if it was built a long time ago.

Being contemporary means being out of fashion.



It was very provisional of you to bring water because I'm getting very thirsty.

In order to obtain provisions for its troops, the Army signs provisional contracts with many companies.

When the roof over our porch started to cave in, my father and I had to put up some provisional columns and beams.



Consecutive sentences are served sequentially, not all at once.

The company consecutive made a strong case for the planned expansion.

The American Revolution and Civil War were consecutive events.



Wildlife preserves are meant to protect habitual birds and animals.

He prayed habitually, but not on a regular basis.

The "three strikes and you are in" rule tries to discourage habitual offenders.

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