Words Count - Chapter 5
Exercise 1

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Directions: Below are the ten words from Chapter 5. Each of the ten words is accompanied by three sentences that use a form of the word. Only one of these sentences uses the word correctly, the other two use it incorrectly. Read all three sentences. Then click the button to the left of the sentence that uses the word correctly.

You may change your answers as you see fit. When you are satisfied that all answers are correct, click the "Submit" button at the end of the exercise. You cannot resubmit the exercise after that point.

If a word in a sentence is marked by *, the word is introduced in Words Count.

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Honorable and Dishonorable Mention



My friend hates gym class, almost reveres it.

George Washington is revered as one of the greatest of U.S. presidents.

His reverence for his children has reached the point of complete neglect.



On Presidents' Day, the nation pays homage to all presidents, past and present.

He approached his new duties with a sense of homage.

To give homage means to criticize severely.



Outnumbered and outgunned by their enemies, the fighters turned stalwart and fled in complete disarray.

The plot of the film is so stalwart that viewers lose interest very quickly.

Stalwart defenders of free markets do not like government subsidies in any form.



Jackie Chan has been notable for doing his own stunts.

A notable exception is one that doesn't need to be mentioned.

At social events, she tried to avoid notables and sought out the famous people present.



Personal integrity always leads to a life of crime.

Commentators questioned the motives of his advisors, but no one doubted the governor's own integrity.

The agent betrayed his country out of a sense of integrity.



F. D. Roosevelt is a notorious exception to the rule that presidents cannot serve more than two terms in office.

Work in coal mines used to be notorious for the health problems it created.

Eva Hesse is a notorious, if little-known, artist.



The writer had been so often accoladed by the critics, he no longer read reviews.

In the course of her long career, the actress Meryl Streep has received numerous accolades.

The restaurant owner accoladed everyone who came through the door.



Betty Ford has been disreputable not only as wife of the thirty-eighth president, but also for her fight against alcoholism and her support for other worthy causes.

Parents typically want their children to attend the most disreputable college that is willing to admit them.

My roommate is going for an interview and tried to look less disreputable than usual.



Porno movies are not for the lewd.

I try to remain lewd in everything I say and never use a four-letter word, let alone talk openly about sex.

Every year, we hear more complaints about the increase of lewdness on cable TV.



Some people distrust the government to such a degree that they suspect a devious design behind everything it does.

He was a devious believer and went to church every day.

Deviousness is just another form of honesty.

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