Words Count - Chapter 15
Exercise 1

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Directions: Below are the ten words from Chapter 15. Each of the ten words is accompanied by three sentences that use a form of the word. Only one of these sentences uses the word correctly, the other two use it incorrectly. Read all three sentences. Then click the button to the left of the sentence that uses the word correctly.

You may change your answers as you see fit. When you are satisfied that all answers are correct, click the "Submit" button at the end of the exercise. You cannot resubmit the exercise after that point.

If a word in a sentence is marked by *, the word is introduced in Words Count.

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On the Move



The official was criticized for going on too many junkets at tax payer's expense.

There's so much junket in our attic, I can hardly get through the door.

Cruises typically happen on ships called "junkets."



Cardinals are migratory birds because they stay in the same place all year round.

The migrations of the dancers became faster and faster as the beat quickened.

Humans first appeared in Africa and migrated from there to all parts of the world.



After their country was liberated, some emigrants returned in order to help rebuilding it.

The professor was the most emigrant member of the faculty.

Snow geese emigrate every year between Canada and the Gulf Coast.



A trailblazer is a hiker who follows the blazes on a trail.

Modern science started with trailblazers such as Copernicus and Galileo, who overthrew the medieval way of thinking.

A trailblazer's job is to put out forest fires.



A trek is a journey done in the greatest comfort.

Hard as it was, we greatly enjoyed our two-day trek down to the Colorado river and up again to the canyon rim.

In an 800-meter race, the runners have to trek twice around the track.



Your suggestions are totally traverse to what I have in mind.

The movie The Last Emperor traverses from the childhood of the last Chinese emperor to his final days under the Communists.

Charles Lindbergh was the first solo flyer to traverse the Atlantic.



The promise of free tickets to the show goaded me into standing in line for three hours.

When the kicker missed a last-minute field goal attempt, he became the goad on which the defeat was blamed.

On our tour, we had such a good goad—she really explained the sights to us and translated for us whenever we needed it.



Starting a new business is not for the venturesome.

It's venturous for citizens to conserve energy and water during hot summers.

Traversing* the Sahara desert is one of the greatest challenges left for truly venturesome travelers.



The team was spread over the entire field, and the coach had to embark on his orders in a loud voice.

Since embarkation is so early tomorrow, we have to set the alarm or we'll miss the boat.

Once we were comfortably embarked in our cabin, we went on deck to watch the sunset.



If it's in constant flux, it cannot change or move.

The flux of his muscles emphasized his splendid physique.*

Let's keep our plans in flux until we know what the weather will be like tomorrow.

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