Reading for Thinking
Quiz 1: Answer Key

Selection 11) Main Idea: It was the work of Chico Mendes that first drew international attention to the destruction of the rain forest.
2) They are a primary example of how Mendes worked to preserve the rain forest.

Explanation: The extraction reserves were central to Mendes' battle and were the source of his greatest victory. They are a prime example of the tactics he used to draw attention to the destruction of the rain forest.
4)The roads project was cancelled because of Mendes' speech.
5) Cause and effect; sequence of dates and events
Selection 21) 3
2) Main Idea: For close to thirty years, Doctors Without Borders has travelled around the world to give aid and a voice to those in need.
3) They are all examples of the group's willingness to go anywhere to help people in trouble.
4) Sequence of dates and events
5) Nicaragua was the group's first response to natural disaster, but it was far from the last.

Quiz 1