Reading Keys - Vocabulary Practice 1

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Directions: Try your hand at filling in the blanks with one of the words you just learned.
Note: "Bedlam" and "maelstrom" are close in meaning, but "maelstrom" has less to do with a place and more to do with an atmosphere or chain of events.


Hazel Green, also known as the "witch of Wall Street," made a fortune in stocks but Hazel was too cheap to spend her money and passed her days in a apartment.


Once the electricity went off, the prison game room turned into .


When I diet, my is chocolate; I just can’t seem to resist it.


Caught up in an emotional of his own making, the conductor found he could not concentrate.


After you leave the room, your perfume should linger in the air and not overpower and nauseate.

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Reading Keys: Vocabulary Handout